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4.2 - Lonesome Dove Roleplay

User: lonesomedove_rp (posted by dr_eugene_sands)
Date: 2006-09-27 11:29
Subject: 4.2
Security: Public
Title: Season Three: Episode 4.2: Returns, Arrivals and Shakespeare
Fandom: Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years
Pairings and players: Call/Jane/Eugene/Mosby/Lilly
Rating: R for violence
Summary: From one side of town, Mosby arrives back with his money and whores. From the other side, the stage brings in a new doctor ready to treat the citizens of Curtis Wells.
Authors: Jacki and Manda
Disclaimer: Language

Mud flew up from the wheels of the wagon as Mosby pulled up in front of Twyla’s place, spattering along the wooden walkways. He let out an audible sigh of relief, before stepping out of the sturdy vehicle to assist Jane. His large hands nearly spanned her tiny waist, as he held steady to swing her down to the sidewalk. Mosby turned to help the others, but Call and Mills had already dismounted their horses, and helped the girls out.

Jane was trying to fix her collar, then smooth the sky blue traveling costume, before she stepped into her new place of employment. Her large, dark eyes took in the curious stares of the folks gathering in the mucky street to stare at the new arrivals. Nerves were never a problem, and she certainly wasn’t one for female vapors or fear, but the blank looks from some of the grubbier residents made her feel uncomfortable. She had seen too much of that, in her life, and it always made her angry. Lifting her chin, she turned to look at Mosby.

“I imagine that Miss Twyla is expecting me?”

Clay stomped, one boot and then the other, shaking some of the dried mud off. He gave her a slight nod, and then looked up at the building. Repairs and refurbishment had cost him a pretty penny, after the fire, but the club was a moneymaker, and the investment would pay for itself. “Twyla is a formidable woman, Miss Stuart. I would tread carefully.”

“I’ll tread as I see fit, Mr. Mosby. That is, so long as I know I have your confidence and your backing?” Jane pulled her kid gloves tightly over her fingers, arching an eyebrow questioningly up at Clay. “Before I go in there, and clean house, I want to be sure that when the fur flies and push comes to shove, I have the authority to enforce new rules and standards. So…who is in charge, here?”

“I am. I am in charge of everything, my dear, and don’t forget it.” Like a silky, skulking cat, she thought. His voice is like an animal. “However, I am vesting you with the authority to make any changes needed. If anyone challenges you, send them to me.”

Sheriff Peale walked up, surveying the group with a bland smile. Lilly gave him a flirty grin, which made him smirk. “Mosby, that doc you hired high tailed it out of town with old man Polk’s daughter Mabel. I took the liberty of calling in the second one on the list you made, that fellow from San Francisco. Sands. He’s arriving today on the stage.”

Mosby snorted. Back for ten minutes, and already it’s something. “Old man Polk’s got six more horse faced daughters to marry off, so I imagine he’ll survive the loss of Mabel. I’m pleased that you showed such initiative, Austin. It won’t do for us to be without a doctor, not in this town.” Mosby pulled out his gold pocket watch, and looked down towards the general store. “Call. Why don’t you greet our new doctor, seeing as how you send so many customers to the medical profession?”

“Mosby, I’m not your goddamned errand boy. I’m going over to the Dove and sleeping for a week.” Newt pushed his tan hat back, and looked at Clay with disgust.

“Fine, I’ll pay a bonus. Perhaps you could escort Lilly, here, over to the general store and have her select some items she might need to replace the ones lost? A couple of dresses and feminine fripperies should suffice for now.” Lilly’s bag had mysteriously disappeared after the train robbery, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back. “Then you can greet the good doctor and take him up to his quarters.”

Mosby didn’t bother to introduce the women or Mills to Peale. The sheriff would learn their names soon enough, and besides, he wasn’t of any import. John and Clay led Jane, Qi, Miranda and the other two girls inside Twyla’s place.

Newt gave Austin an exaggerated eyeroll, as Lilly took his arm. “Austin, don’t start.”

Peale chuckled, without any humor. “Now who’s Mosby’s errand boy?”

Call just walked away, with Lilly holding lightly to his fringed jacket arm. Newt didn’t walk with his head up, greeting folks who walked past him, but he did seem to scan the streets for potential surprises. Lilly smiled a knowing smile, she had seen that type before.

“So, let me guess, you’re some kind of gunfighter.” Her voice was like a brook, bubbles and cool freshness.

“What makes you think that?” Call stepped down, then back up, at a break in the sidewalks.

“You don’t look at the folks in front of you, but you’re always looking out for what isn’t there.” Lilly grinned at a cowboy who wolf whistled at her, and tossed her yellow curls with a wink.

Call gave a glower to the cowboy, and then pushed open the weathered wood and glass door to the store. “You don’t need to advertise your merchandise, you know. These folks know where Twyla’s is. Stage should be here in twenty minutes or so, so don’t dawdle.”

The pinch faced older man behind the counter gave Lilly a look of disgust, but came round the counter to speak. “What can I get you folks?”

“Do you have any ready made dresses?” Lilly gave him a smile that was dazzling, enough so that the old man seemed to relax a little bit.

“I have some fresh in from New York City, miss. Right over here.” He fiddled with the string on his white apron, as he walked her over to the rack. “Now I think these four should fit you right well, without too much tucking or sewing.”

Lilly looked at the four, dismissing the plain brown wool immediately. There was a lovely violet silk, with ugly black lace that could easily be removed. There was a rich, deep ruby red, made of a sturdy brocade that would wear well and look nice with her coloring. The last dress was truly beautiful, a delicate cream background with small flowers of yellow, with green leaves, on a feminine and exquisite delaine fabric. It was a dress for a lady going to the theater in the summertime. It was the kind of dress that belles wore when they went for buggy rides with their beaus to a neighbor’s house for a barbeque. Lilly fingered the material, wistfully imagining it with a smart little straw bonnet. Green velvet ribbons. Cream kid shoes.

“That’s pretty.” Call looked over from where he was standing. Hannah could have worn that. The thought mad Call turn back, suddenly intensely interested in the nail barrel beside him.

“It’s a dress for a lady, not a whore.” Lilly took the violet silk and the ruby brocade, handing them to the proprietor. “I’ll need a pair of those black shoes, there, and some underthings. Two of those lawn corsets, four of the petticoats. Brush, comb, some hair ribbons, that violet toilet water, the soap and powder.” Lilly pointed and the man added the items to the pile. “Mr. Mosby said to add it to his bill.”

The store owner glanced at Call, who nodded. Once all the purchases were tied up with paper and boxed to carry, Newt took it under his arm. The stage came in, with the hooves of the horses thundering a quarter mile down the road as the first notice of it’s arrival.

“That’ll be our new doctor. Come on, Lilly, let’s get out there.” Call got Lilly ushered out the door, and squinted at the carriage stage, as the driver jumped down to open the door.

Only one passenger alighted from the stage, first extending a brown leather boot, then sticking his head out the door.

“Well, now, ain’t he a pretty one?” Lilly grinned like the cat who got the last of the cream at the doctor. “My goodness, Call. I think I might be feeling poorly on a regular schedule.” Auburn hair, neatly trimmed, blue eyes with thick lashes and tall…my goodness, she thought…once out of the stagecoach, the man was a smooth, tall drink of water.

Call frowned, aware of his own shorter stature, but then went up to the man to nod in greeting. “You must be the new doc. I’m Newt Call, and I’ll be showing you up to your new place. This here’s Lilly. She’s new here, too.”

Eugene extended his hand to Call and they shook briefly, then he turned to Lilly with a grin of appreciation. “Miss Lilly, it’s a pleasure.”

“Not yet, sugar, but it will be. You can bet your boots on that.” Lilly gave him a saucy wink, and Sands chuckled in return.

“I’ll just get my bag, and the trunk…” Eugene turned, but Call shook his head and flipped a quarter over to a lanky kid standing by the water trough. “Tommy. Haul the new doc’s gear up to the office.” The kid scrambled, biting the coin, then tucking it in his overall pocket.

Call started walking, carrying the box from the general store, and Lilly followed, taking Dr. Sand’s arm. “So, Doctor, is there a Mrs. Sands following you out here?”

“No. I’m not married. Never saw any point in being that cruel to a woman.” Sands let Lilly go ahead of him, as they climbed the stairs up the side of the building to his office and room. It was the gentlemanly thing to do, plus it gave him a fine view of her spectacular ass.

Once inside, Call set the box down on the desk. In the main room, it was a basic doctor’s office, with some bottle green parlor furniture in the corner. To the rear were a bedroom and living space, and a small kitchen. Over on the side was a room to examine in. Sands looked around, satisfied by the basic equipment. He would sent to his father for the better things stored from his old practice.

“Mosby will likely come by, later. He just got back in town.” Call looked uncomfortable, while Lilly perched herself up on a corner of the dark wood desk.

Eugene just nodded, and thanked them both. As they left, the boy came in with his trunk and the bag, and left. The dust and ache of the long trip was catching up to him, and he looked out the window to see the bathhouse. A bath and a good meal would set him to rights.
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