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OOC - Introductions of Girls - Lonesome Dove Roleplay

Twyla's Sporting Club posting in The Lonesome Dove Roleplaying Community
User: lonesomedove_rp (posted by twylas_girls)
Date: 2006-07-25 05:00
Subject: OOC - Introductions of Girls
Security: Public
Since we're creating this world, we decided to add a few ladies to the Sporting Club, and they will pop up in stories, here and there.

Miranda - PB is Joana Going. This girl has a bit of a resemblance to Call's dead wife. But her personality is very different. She's cold, often abrasive and has a destiny to annoy and irritate the boys.

Lilly - I stole this Drew Barrymore pup from the movie "Bad Girls". Not a huge DB fan, but Lilly is actually a fun pup, who was one of the better things about the movie. She's bouncy, sweet but sassy, smart and really funny, which will make her an interesting foil for both Jane and Mosby.

Qi - When the railroads were expanding, a number of Chinese workers came to the US, and it was not uncommon for girls to be force into prostitution. Her PB is a Hong Kong actress named Li.

And Miss Jane is played by Winona Ryder, and she has lots of tricks up her sleeve.
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