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Lilly and Mosby - Lonesome Dove Roleplay

Colonel Francis Clayton Mosby posting in The Lonesome Dove Roleplaying Community
User: lonesomedove_rp (posted by col_mosby)
Date: 2006-09-16 16:43
Subject: Lilly and Mosby
Security: Public
"Everything that happens in this town is my business, Lilly, my dear. And when I see the face of one of my favorite...and, might I add, most talented...fresh whores on a wanted poster, it makes me damn nervous."

Clay reclined comfortably on the bed in Lilly's room. The pretty blonde sat at her dressing table, running a silver hairbrush through the light tresses.

"You just like me because I know that fellatio isn't an opera, Mosby. And you like me because I ride you nice and rough." In the mirror, her pretty, innocent face looks deliciously depraved saying those words. "I'm the only whore in this place who isn't fat or diseased, and I make a lot of money for you, when I'm not sucking your cock."

Mosby's cock twitched, and he laughed out loud. "My Gawd, Lilly. You have the face of an angel and the foulest mouth I've ever heard on a lady."

"I ain't no lady, you smooth sonofabitch. But I ain't no murderer, neither. What me and those girls done, we done for all the right reasons." Lilly turned around and looked at him, before rising to climb on the bed and crawl up his long, lean body. Once she was over him, her pink satin corset rubbing against the dark hair on his chest, she ran her tongue over his lower lip.

"Do you expect me to believe that you and three other whores ran together and killed Frank and Kid Jarrett and their whole gang?" Mosby put his hands on her hips, smoothing down the plain white cotton of her drawers. "Four whores did in Jarrett's gang?"

"Cody did Kid Jarrett. The rest...well, you know how that is. Get the leader, the rest fall." The girl rocked against his hardening cock with her still covered crotch. "So what are you gonna do, Mr. Mosby, sir? Turn me in for a hundred dollars gold?"

Mosby rolled her over, and reached down to tear open her drawers.

"Now you're paying for those, Mosby." Lilly laughed as he lined himself up and pushed inside her.

"I reckon that you owe me the hundred dollars that Pinkerton's offering for you. You can start working it off right now." With that, Mosby silenced the girl's laughter with his mouth.
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Speed Racer: comma
User: cantcookfood
Date: 2006-09-18 07:29 (UTC)
Subject: OOC obviously
*dies* I love that this is the only fic you set a mood for. *rolls*
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